q. why did you become a doula?

a. When I was in high school and was contemplating the big question of "what do I want to do with my life" I came to two conclusions: a police officer or a midwife! (crazy, I know!)  I started my schooling in Criminology in Southern Oregon but got married soon after which led me to realize the first choice was probably not going to be a long lasting fit for me. I then went on to explore my options of birth support and landed on being a doula! Most of all though, I was and am just really passionate about birth. I love being invited into families lives and playing a role in making their memories just a little more sweet!


q. when did you become a doula? 

a: I did my training through DONA in 2006 and was certified in 2008


q. what other education do you have?

a. I worked at Andaluz Waterbirth Center from winter of 2006 up until the birth of my first daughter. During this time, I was absorbed in pregnancy and birth, and soaked up copious amounts of info, passion, and exposure to all things "birth" related. The time spent and knowledge gained from being with the fabulous midwives and pregnant mamas is irreplaceable. I also have been a volunteer doula at a birth center in the northern region of Haiti. Witnessing and supporting births in the developing world was a beautiful and eye opening thing. 


q. why do I need a doula?

a. Not everyone does! But for many, the peace that comes with knowing you have the undivided support, encouragement, and care of someone of your choosing is priceless. I have had many clients who have shared that even long before they went into labor, just knowing I was going to be with them calmed many fears or anxiety that may have surfaced, not to mention the obvious benefits of non-stop labor support. You can read some of client testimonies here.


q.  how do I choose a doula?

a. This is a very personal and intimate decision. You want to feel confident that whoever you hire will listen to what you want, be able to advocate for you, has a healthy view of birth, and is someone you can feel incredibly comfortable and vulnerable with. 


q. what is your birth stance?

a. I am very pro informed choice. I encourage my clients to read and educate themselves on all sides of the spectrum and then make the best decision for them. That said, I do very much believe in a woman's ability to birth her child and will advocate for you and do my best to help you achieve the birth you desire!


q. where did you have your own babies?

a. I had all three of my babies at my home. You can click to read the birth stories of Alomae , Poppy, and Bear


q. what are your religious beliefs?

a. I am a Christian who fully loves Jesus!