Joy with baby James - photo by  Parker Fitzgerald  

                                                                                                                                                                                                Joy with baby James - photo by Parker Fitzgerald 


Echo was such a blessing to have as a support leading up to the birth of our first baby, during labor, and in the days following. She was such a wealth of wisdom during my pregnancy and offered lots of great suggestions to help prepare my body for the most optimal labor experience, which I believe I ended up having! I was 11 days overdue, so Echo has to be on call for almost 6 weeks as we waited for labor. She encouraged me during those post due date days and was so quick to respond to my texts even in the middle of the night when I thought I was going into labor a few different times. During labor (at the hospital) she advocated for our birth plan so that my husband could be focused on me, she offered suggestions about different positions to try based on how I was feeling and progressing, she was a calming presence in the room and gave me confidence that I could do what I set my mind to - an unmedicated low intervention birth. She was never overbearing, she gave my husband and I our space to labor together, but she was a support when we needed it - the perfect balance. We felt so grateful to have her there throughout the whole process from when I went into labor, until our sweet daughter was born. It was also super comforting to have someone else there, besides my husband, who had seen me from beginning to end because the nurses and midwives change shifts. All around it was a WIN to have Echo as our doula. We love her and recommend her to anyone, but especially anyone who wants to try for an unmedicated birth:)


I am very thankful for all of Echo’s hard work leading up to, during, and following the birth of our daughter. I struggle with quite a bit of anxiety and had a lot of fear during the process, especially leading up to labor and delivery. My husband and I had made goals to give birth in a hospital, with limited medications. From the beginning Echo was very supportive of our birth plan, and was reassuring to me during any moments of fear I would express. She was knowledgeable when it came to birth, women’s bodies, and she knew how to support our needs. During my pregnancy I had a couple of minor complicating factors, such as low blood platelets and a large baby who was sunny side up. Echo was very encouraging that our bodies were designed to deliver children and be resilient. She gave me different methods and advice to help me prepare for birthing our daughter. About a week before my due date I went to the hospital for a fever, and they found that I was beginning the laboring process. During my time Echo provided my husband the techniques to know how to support me best. She also allowed the appropriate space so that it was still an intimate time for the two of us. She captured the moments on camera, and knew when to step in to either lend verbal encouragement, a word of advice, or a massage to relieve pain. My birth story didn’t go as we had initially planned. I received medications for my fever, labored for 24 hours, had multiple epidurals, and was eventually put under general anesthesia for a C-section for a variety of reasons. Echo stood by us and was a huge factor for us getting through the process. I know her role in our story was crucial. I was emotionally and physically exhausted but I will not forget Echo’s words reminding me of how much I have done for my daughter, she gave me the words I needed to calm my fears and to trust. Once our daughter arrived she was there to check in, talk over all that had happened, and provide continued help for feeding, and the general transition into taking a newborn home. We are extremely grateful not only for Echo’s professional guidance and support but also the friendship she provided in vulnerable, challenging, and ultimately joyful times.


 I am so thankful Echo was part of our birth process. From our initial meeting to the final weeks leading up to the big day, Echo was respectful, knowledgeable, and very calm. She was open and eager to learn about our own hopes for the birthing process and did not place any of her own desires or perceptions upon us. She offered advice and insights in a way that was always encouraging and supportive. Since we delivered in a hospital, she helped prepare us for some of the questions the doctors would ask us once the baby was born. These were things I wouldn’t have thought to research on my own. Having her make these suggestions allowed me to feel informed and allowed me enough time to gather the info that was needed; it was a relief to not have to make split decisions right after giving birth. The other gift of having Echo as our doula was her on-call support in the final weeks leading up to birth. I was definitely hyperaware of my body and every little sensation (was that a contraction?! Am I going into labor?!), Echo was always quick to respond to my texts and helped put my mind at ease. Having her reassurance and support during that time was such a relief.



Having Echo present during labor was priceless.  She anticipated my needs when I couldn't articulate my desires - that was such a blessing.  With all the effort I had to put into labor, it was so nice to have someone read my mind so I didn't have to waste energy talking.  Her faith in the birthing process gave both my husband and I peace and resilience for an all natural birth.  She was incredibly attentive to my emotional and physical needs during labor with words of encouragement, massage, regulating the temperature of the tub, giving me water to drink, & even watched after my husband!  I also really appreciated the space she gave my husband and I when we needed it.  We did not feel like Echo interfered with our birth experience at all, but instead helped us have the natural birth we prayed for.  

Beyond labor, Echo was checking up on me regularly leading up to my due date, which was above and beyond what I was expecting.  She always had encouraging words and practical wisdom that motivated and strengthened me for one of the craziest & most beautiful days of my life.  Thank you so much for being part of the healthy birth of our son, Echo!


Echo was exactly what I was looking for in a doula. She is a caring, supportive, educated, and eager advocate for birth. She asks the right questions in preparation for each unique labor and delivery, and is extremely supportive to your own personalized needs and desires. My time in labor with Echo wasn't long (quicker delivery that I'd assumed), but she was warm, encouraging, and supportive; both mentally and physically. While every birth is different, she is intuitive about birth and I felt that she understood what was needed and wanted during my own labor and delivery. I highly recommend her as a doula and am really happy she was present during the natural, hospital birth of my second baby. 


Having Echo as our Doula was a wonderful experience. She was an important piece in me getting through my labor feeling confident. We thoroughly discussed the process, what I wanted as I labored, and any questions and concerns beforehand. Therefore, she was an emblem of strength and patience during my labor. Having her there, gave me courage because I knew she had seen babies be born many times. She stayed so calm and encouraged me every step of the way. She was so supportive in many different ways. She was supportive for my husband with her knowledge and understanding of the birth process. She was supportive to me as I knew she was my advocate. She also kept me calm and helped me breathe along the way. Having Echo throughout my pregnancy and birth was such a blessing!


I am beyond thrilled to finally be able to vouch for this incredible woman and her services as a doula! Our long awaited, much considered, greatly desired HBAC (Home Birth after Cesarean) became real on March 5th, 2014. The birth of our son was absolutely amazing and I have so much gratitude towards Echo for being such an active participant in his journey into this world.

My labor was long, tiring and hard but with Echo beside me, I felt encouraged, empowered and excited. In moments where I easily could have given up out of exhaustion, I was able to catch my breath, look around me and see what I had been dreaming up for so long actually happening and I was reminded of why all the hard work was worth it.

A particular moment stands out in my mind; I was pretty far into my labor and really feeling it. I recognized fear creeping into my mind and I quickly asked Echo to breathe with me through my contractions. It was if her breath gave strength to my breath and it was just the support I needed to help me get through.

Throughout my labor, Echo reminded me of just how miraculous our bodies truly are. Women were designed for the job of bringing new life into the world. Her faith in the female body and the natural birth process was such a comfort to me, especially having battled the belief that I had “failed” at my first birth experience. Recognizing that my body was not failing me and that I was progressing and getting closer and closer to meeting my baby was such an awesome feeling.

Echo’s wisdom, kindness, humor and overall positivity was radiant. She remained constant through my entire labor, including three hours of pushing. I’ll never forget holding my freshly born son to my chest and Echo commenting, “you’re holding your baby!”-- something she knew I had been dreaming of my entire pregnancy. I will forever cherish this amazing, amazing journey!



I can’t seem to find the words to express my extreme gratitude for Echo and Without her knowledge and support, I’m not sure how I would’ve coped with my birth experience which was nowhere near what I hoped for. I went from striving for a natural birth to practically being forced to having a c-section. I was in the hospital for almost 30 hours before my baby entered this world, and Echo was by my side the whole time- even though she was 30 weeks pregnant! She was constantly encouraging me and advocating for me. I remember the hospital staff trying to talk to me and ask me questions while I was in the midst of intense contractions.  Echo would wait until my contraction was over, come down to my level and ask if I understood what they were saying.  She would then proceed to explain the process or procedure to me in words that I could comprehend.  She also took notes during my labor at the hospital and wrote up a birth summary which totally helped me process and talk about my experience.  Echo’s support continued even after my son was born.  She believed in my body’s ability to give birth naturally and through her research and empowering words, I was able to quickly gain back my confidence for my next one. 


We are so thankful Echo was a part of our daughter's birth story! Her warm & compassionate nature immediately put us at ease.  During labor she was encouraging, and did a wonderful job anticipating my needs. She was incredibly respectful & mindful with the medical staff and our family, making sure our concerns & wishes were met, as her first priority.  Her passion for birth is evident & shines through in her practice. We highly recommend her!