back to haiti?!

When God gives you the heart for his people, He will illuminate opportunities, stir your heart, give you boldness, and pave the way. 


I am so thrilled to say that I am In the process of planning a trip for the last week of December to return to Haiti! This time though, I will be joining the beautiful team at Mama baby Haiti , a non profit who daily provides safe and sanitary midwifery care to the women of Cap Haitian in northern Haiti. Did you hear that? God is opening doors for SO MANY FACETS OF MY HEART to collide in one very beautiful and amazing way! 


Mamas. Babies. Birth. Justice. Haiti. Oh my!


 I can hardly contain my excitement. 

Ok, a little back story... Before I had Alomae, I worked 3 years at Andaluz Waterbirth Center. After the devastating 2010 earthquake, Jennifer (owner of the birth center) and a few other women made their way down to Haiti and from that trip, Mama Baby Haiti was born! 

Mama Baby Haiti is a free clinic and birth center and every dime they receive goes towards the work in Haiti (not one penny stays in the U.S- how great is that!)

As a doula, I am up for recertification. I have decided to take the $ I would be paying to an organization (to have their letters after my name) and put it into something that really makes a difference. Helping women safely become mothers in the place that has the worst infant mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere. I am choosing is to invest into human lives (and yes, I will re-certify someday. it is not crucial for the work of a doula.) I truly believe that the experience gained by this opportunity will make me a far more compassionate and empathizing person and doula then any classes I could possibly take.

I want my work in this life to matter

I want to impact others and advocate for those whose voices are not always heard. I want to set an example for my daughters that this life isn't about us. That we are to love others well in action and in word. That we have a choice in how we spend our time and what we put our energy in and that life is best spent loving others more then ourselves!

Will you join me on this journey? Pray with me and for me? There are expenses involved that are beyond my reach, but I am trusting that God is taking me there and will abundantly provide because He has a work to do in and through me. 

I cannot wait to return to this beautiful country, love it's people, and meet precious Haitian babies as they make their way to this beautiful (yes there is beauty still here) world! 

Thank You to all my friends and family who are supporting this dream. I love you!


you can donate to my trip through here