they don't stay two

Now that I am almost 3 years post pregnancy/birth (and do not have plans for another!) I am realizing how much I cherish the photos I have from being pregnant with my girls and even wish I would have taken much MUCH MORE!

If I can encourage you, document your pregnancy process and document your birth! You never get those moments back and while memories are sweet, they are fleeting! I always snap a ton of photos while my clients are laboring/birthing their babies, because you can always hit delete if you do not like a photo, but there is no recreating the scene once it is done!

I was pulling up some photos for my midwife today for her to use on her new website and I came across these sweet photos of my family when I was pregnant with Poppy (taken by the lovely Meghan). They made me smile so much and reminded me (in the midst of a hard season with a two year old) just how much I longed for her,  prayed for her, and all the emotions and dreams that come with the prospect of having your family grow! I needed to be reminded of these feelings today and looking back on old photos was just the boost I needed!

So today I am thankful for the ability to easily document this season of life and that even though no more babies are planned, I can look back on the pregnancies I did have and quickly go back to what an amazing time GROWING A LIFE really is!

bonus: these photos also serve as a reminder that two year olds grow up to be five year olds very fast! I miss my days with a two year old Alomae and am reminded that soon Poppy will be 5 and I will miss her two year old self too!