nursing my babies

I never felt nervous or ashamed when breastfeeding my two daughters.

With boldness and confidence I nursed them in restaurants, cars, airplanes, church, shops, even a prison bathroom.

A skewed social stigma of what a woman's breasts could or should appropriately be used for never phased me. I was always tasteful and with respect for my babies, nursed them with a smile on my face! 

I nursed my first baby for 22 months, to give her immune system the absolute best start. I kept up my milk supply up when I traveled to Haiti following the 2010 earthquake just in case I might meet a struggling baby in need.

My second nursed until she was 19 months. 

41 months I gave of myself beyond just being pregnant with my girls. I could never be far away and that was just fine by me. It was a gift to them I was happy to give!

I have two amazing daughters and I hope that they grow up with the knowledge that their bodies are beautiful and powerful. They have the power to grow life and sustain it once it is here!

breastfeeding alone grew these thighs...


and these!


breastfeeding got this baby to quietly sleep on a 6 hour flight

(you're welcome!)

it allowed for many peaceful nights at home...

and keeping the peace when on the go!


I do not for a second regret the time, energy, and sacrifice of nursing my babes!!

If you are a woman who wants to breastfeed your babies, I hope you know that you are supported and will be applauded and cheered by many all along the way!

Happy World Breastfeeding week!