The perfect pregnant pick me up

Need a pick me up but afraid of caffeine while pregnant?

Look no further then Gwyneth Paltrows "The Best Green Juice" in her It's All Good cookbook! 


This little drink tastes HEAVENLY and packs a mean punch! 

5 leaves of Kale

1 large sprig of mint

1 large apple

1 lemon, zest and pith removed

1 1 inch piece of fresh ginger


Thats it! Run it all through your juicer and watch (and feel) it wake you up!  

here is what Gwyneth says about the drink. 

"Just about as energizing as a cup of coffee but with none of the let down, green juice is an incredibly healthy, invigorating way to start your day. Kale is full of calcium and antioxidants and just about everything else- it's one of the best things to put into your system." 

Sounds like an awesome way to feed your baby and wake yourself up right?! 

*don't worry of you do not have a juicer, you can blend all the ingredients and put through a strainer!