the birth debate

Well, here we are again! It seems like every few weeks a new study, article, or opinion is released into the inter-web and tension gets high and the topic gets heated.

Why is this? What is it about us women and our inability to be neutral or see things from the other side? I am learning that no matter where you teeter on the issue, there seems to always be somebody right there ready to kick the bucket out from under you!

I do not want to be that person.

This does not mean I am going to sway in my beliefs or the truths I know to be true. It is just to say I am putting my white flag in the ground and letting all women know, that regardless of your feelings towards childbirth, there does not have to be a big taboo line dividing us! We have a choice in the way we speak towards one another, we have a choice in the voice we give to our side of this passion filled cause! 


Birth is always going to be controversial.

Birth is always going to be political.

Birth is always going to be normal.

Birth is here to stay!


I believe there is a way to be passionate without being mean. I believe I can still inform women about possible risk/benefits without them feeling attacked. I believe there is a way to listen to a woman's story and even if I do not agree with the choices made, see the absolute beauty in the process of greeting new life.

We do not always have to agree, but we really do need to be kind! The best gift we can give to ourselves and our babies is an educated and well informed choice! So go and constructively learn the facts of both sides.

And remember to be nice to one another, for LOVE covers a multitude of sins!