Medicated or un-medicated. What's a doula to do?

I heard someone say the other day "doulas are only for women who want un medicated births" and then just read a forum where a woman said her doula "pushed her own agenda and was mean and acted disappointed in her when she chose to intervene." This  got me thinking about many of my past clients births, why they chose a doula in the first place, and the role that I played. 

How I chose to birth my own babies in no way crosses over to an expectation of what my clients or any other woman should choose. It was a personal decision. I am glad I had them at home, but I 110% believe in informed choice (meaning educating yourself as much as possible and then making the best decision for you off of the information you found) and the freedom to birth in whatever way you choose.

If you are considering a doula it is so very important that you talk through personal beliefs, expectations, as well as dreams and desires. It is imperative that she listens and really gets a feel for what you want and is able to adapt herself to YOU.

I have had mamas who hire me because they are dead set on wanting an all natural birth, some who want "see how it goes", and some who don't care  about going natural at all.

my role as a doula is to try and make your birth experience positive, well informed, and hopefully super sweet! I want to remove the stress of not understanding the "birth" or hospital lingo, advocate for the things that are important to you, and be a constant in what can sometimes me a inconsistent time. 

Don't be afraid to shop around and wait to find a doula who you feel respects your heart on the matter and who isn't there for herself but does her job in service to YOU!