end of pregnancy Rx

There are a few things I took at the end of my pregnancies that I feel contributed to preparing my body to give birth. 

Though there is no magic pill that will ensure you have a quick efficient labor and birth, it can never hurt to set your body up for success by treating it the right way. 

If I was going to write an Rx for all 3rd trimester mamas, this is what it would be:

  • calcium/magnesium (the combo, not separate) - This helps so much with muscle cramps (think those nasty charlie horses you get!), maintain bone health, and gets your body ready for the marathon it is about to endure
  • red raspberry leaf tea- drink up mama! this helps tone the muscles of the uterus and can allow it to work more efficient by  encouraging the uterus to let go and function without tension. 
  • evening primrose oil (taken orally and then orally and vaginally starting at 37 weeks)- this can help soften the cervix before labor even begins (need I say more?)
  • Drinking nettles ( I actually had someone pick me real nettles and steeped them!) High in essential vitamins, Nettles can help enrich the breast milk, reduce hemorrhoids, prevent postpartum hemorrhage, and help ease the pain during and after birth. 

this is a very short list of all the amazing benefits these things provide. Do your own research as well and then if it sounds beneficial to you, give these labor helping supplements a try!

Also, don't forget to eat a balanced diet of whole foods to give your body the important nutrients it and your growing baby needs!

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