A beautiful birth on the hill

Today was such an unexpectedly fitting day. Just hours after launching this site (so birth was in the forefront of my mind) and almost three weeks early (hense the unexpected part) the most beautiful baby boy joined this world! This baby was so anticipated and desired. His mom and dad wanted him here so bad. It was truly a picture of love and a family being complete (at least for now!) 

I could see see a million babies be born and I can promise you, it would never ever get old!

When I say this baby was born "on the hill" I am referring to OHSU here in Portland. If you are wanting a hospital birth that is progressive and going to respect your desires, OHSU is a good place to start. It's very much still a hospital, but if that brings you the peace you need, I would say it is definitely one of the first hospitals to check out! I have attended quite a few births up there now and am filing away the providers names I have so enjoyed! 

Anyone out there have their own recommendations of providers they have encountered in the Portland area they would love to share? Ones that have a strong respect for the natural labor process and give the space needed to freely birth? Like I said, I have a ongoing list but I love hearing mamas personal experiences and I know I am nowhere near having met them all! 

Feel free to share here or message me directly at the envelope on the top of the page!  

hoping your day was close to being as fun as mine!