Looking forward to love.

I have two daughters. Two very sweet, fun, spunky (sometimes intense) creative, loving girls.

As 2014 comes to an end I cannot help but reflect on this past year of life.  Specifically, mothering...

 This past year mothering my girls has been hard, eye opening, beautiful, and inspiring, all in the same breath. I am leaving 2014 behind both encouraged and awestruck at just how hard forming fun-little-people into GREAT-big-people who love others well can be. 

If I could tell my girls just a few things to carry them into 2015, this is what I would say.

Alomae & Poppy.

      First, you are so fiercely loved. Even when I seem like Im frazzled or mad or am distracted by all that is around me, please know that not a moment goes by that you are not my #1's. 

I want you girls to know that we have so much choice in this life. We get to choose who to be around, share our time with, and who we let speak into us. We get to choose to follow the crowd or stand apart for the good of the ones who are in need. It is our choice to focus on ourselves or to put that energy into loving others in a way that can really change the world! 

My goal as your mama is to help navigate your hearts in a way where you will always choose to fight for the voiceless, dare to be different, see all faces as fearfully and wonderfully made, and to not just love in a half-hearted way. We are called to love girls, and I want us to do it well! 

This is hard for a lot of people because it causes discomfort. It's not easy to go outside your home, culture, and familiar faces. But life lived stretched beyond these things is far richer then the comforts that can be found within them.

I pray that as we tear  this last page off the giant calander on our wall, that we will jump feet first into a year of endless possibility. 

You are NOT too young to experience the greatness that is going beyond mere expectations and daring to love in a new kind of way. So many peope love just "ok"- but girls, we are not going to be average in this area of our lives... I promise to continue to expose you to opportunities where we can all learn and grow.

The great thing about love is it doesn't take money, power, or clout. Nope, it just takes willingness, bravery, and paying little attention to what others might think.

In closing, love others but do not forget to extend yourself the same good love and grace! You are doing good my girls, so so GOOD! It is very hard to love others if you do not first love yourself (in a unselfish, pure kind of way!) 

You are loved by God with such a rich kind of love that allows you to love others as well as yourself. We were created to do this and I know together, if our hearts are willing, opportunities will come and we will learn how to do this Love thing well.

I am so excited to walk through another year learning this all with you two- there are no other little people I would ever choose!