Potty training at... Three?!

With my first, potty training was a breeze! Or so I thought... She was 2.5 and I was 7 months pregnant and didn't want two in diapers at the same time. We did treats and bribery to get her sitting on her little potty, and then slowly weaned her off them and reserved the treats for when she actually went potty. 

After a couple weeks of this, we ventured out of the house in panties and I would stop everywhere to sit her on the potty for fear of an accident. All the normal potty training a toddler kind of stuff.

It eventually clicked (though night training took close to a year longer) so I figured I would take the same approach when it came to baby #2. 

Baby #2 though, ended up being Poppy... And Poppy is a stubborn little being! So when 2 1/2 came around, I was thrown off a bit when she flat out said no to all the approaches I had learned to use. Yes, even mini Reese's peanut butter cups were not enough to woo this child. 

Fast Forward to a week ago and Poppy is a month PAST turning three. I brought up sitting on the potty (like I frequently did) and she DIDN'T say no! I spent two days putting her on the potty and she has not been in a diaper since! (Not even at nighttime!!!) 

The point of all this is, she was now ready! I was ready 6+ months ago, but my Poppy girl was not. It truly does pay off to go at their little pace sometimes and not try and force a square peg into a round hole.

Poppy may have gotten into panties 7 months after her sister did, but it took a lot less time and effort to make everything click! 

And for that, this mama is thankful she waited!

It is OK to listen to your kid more then we listen to our friends or what a book or even your Dr. says to do! 

I am now fully convinced there is absolutely nothing wrong with potty training at three!