the birth of Tahlia James 6.27.2012

Here is tarrins very fast second birth of her daughter Tahlia james!

by Tarrin Fletcher 

Taevia and I headed downtown for voodoo donuts first thing in the morning. We were letting daddy sleep in and spending some time together. When we got back home, we all went and had lunch and did a costco run. Afterwards, we went and picked raspberries with grandma and then brought iced coffee to Pa since it was a nice sunny day. Grandma brought us back home and I made dinner and a freezer meal for later. We ate dinner, then decided that we should go get the chickens back inside their coop before it got dark. I had been having a few braxton hicks during dinner but nothing that felt different from the braxton hicks of the last few months. We got 4 out of 5 of the chickens back in their coop, and the last one found yet another spot that it could squeeze into to get under the shed! So we went inside for a while to see if it would come out before dark. I finally heard a chicken and we went out and finally caught the last one! When we came inside, Tim went to take a shower because his allergies had been bad all day, I went into the laundry room bathroom to pee. When I sat down, I felt a little 'pop' and jumped. No gush. Huh.. was that what I think it was or did the baby just jump? I decided to check and felt baby's head really well applied and a small amount of water came out. Ok, so that was definitely my water breaking. This was about 7:55pm, no contractions. Tim came downstairs from his shower and I told him what had happened and that I would either be drinking a lot of water and still be pregnant for a while or we would be having a baby tonight! Needless to say, he was a little shocked.

I texted my midwife and waited 5 min for a response, when I didn't get one, I called twice... no answer. A few minutes later she called me back and told me she was labor sitting south of Corvallis. I laughed, ok, I'll the person I had as backup! I called her 4 times... no answer. I called another midwife friend, no answer. Crap! Who do I know that lives close?! Tia! I called Tia, and she answered! At this point, it was 8:13 and I had only had 2 or 3 contractions that were uncomfortable. I asked Tia if she was busy for the night, she said not really. Oh good! Feel like coming to a birth, cause I'm in labor! She laughed and we talked about supplies and if she needed to bring anything. I had 2 or 3 contractions while we were on the phone, they were “slowly” (hah) getting more intense. After we hung up, my mother and father in law showed up to get Taevia. It was getting close to her bed time and it was quickly becoming apparent that I was not going to be able to get her to sleep tonight, so we called grandma and pa! I answered the door while Tim was rushing around trying to get the tub set up. They didn't think labor was very active as we chatted... until a contraction hit. Grandma quickly took over Taevia, and Pa went to help Tim by boiling water on the stove to try and fill the tub faster.

I was standing in the entry way to the house from the garage and decided to call Rachel and tell her what was happening. It was now 8:22, 9 minutes after the phone call with Tia began. I had a contraction right after I told Rachel I was in labor and was struggling not to cry, these were crazy contractions! Tim saw where I was and told me that “you should go upstairs before you can't”, he helped me upstairs and I went and knelt at the end of our bed and buried my face in our blanket as each contraction hit.

Tim was busy still trying to fill the tub. I was leaking amniotic fluid with each contraction and asked him to get some towels to put underneath me and finally took off my pajama pants, which were soaked by this time. I remember talking to Rachel a few times but honestly can't remember what we talked about! Maybe she remembers ;) I started to have Tim push on my back with each contraction (ah, the memories ;) My back felt like it was on FIRE! Tim told me later that he could literally see my muscles and bones popping out as the baby moved down. Tim asked me, shouldn't someone listen to the baby? My prenatal bag was right by me. In between contractions, I told him to hurry and hand me the doppler and gel. I listened, It was 8:40 pm. I had been upstairs for maybe 15 minutes. 120's-140's. Perfect. See? Everything is fine. I literally threw the doppler back to him as another contraction hit. Tim asked if he should continue to fill the tub. "screw the tub!" was my response. It was soon after this, I could feel my body begin to push, I remember thinking as it happened “are you serious?!” But a few contractions later and I was really pushing and there was no way to stop it!

At 8:57, Tim could see hair, he sounded scared. I told him to keep breathing, it will be ok. 

At 8:59 baby's head was out! I could feel baby turning and moving almost automatically. I quickly told Tim he had to catch the baby! I was still kneeling facing the bed and could not move. He was kneeling behind me, he was going to have to catch!

One minute later at 9pm exactly, our baby was born! I could hear Tim laughing and our baby start to cry (screech? What a set of lungs!). I couldn't even bring myself to turn around yet, wow that was crazy! Then Tim said, “It's a girl!” “WHAT?!” I slowly turned around, putting my leg over the umbilical cord and Tim handed me our baby... GIRL! I had been completely convinced she was a boy and was completely surprised! I laughed and joked we had no name for her. Tim took a picture and we marveled at our baby. At 9:05, Tia walked in. Missed it by 5 minutes! I honestly don't remember what everyone talked about in the next few minutes. I went from crying to laughing to staring at my baby several times. I had a few more intense contractions and had Tim help me up to my knees where I delivered the placenta at 9:15. Then, Tim cut the cord and helped me into bed. We talked about... something (ha! I really don't remember, probably talked to Tia about the birth) Tia checked my pulse and checked me for tears (none! yay!) and checked my fundus and pulse. She weighed our baby girl and did a quick newborn exam. 7lbs 9oz, 20 inches tall. I got up to pee, and since I did, everything was fine and Tia headed home. (Thanks Tia!) I got some clothes on and Taevia, Kim and Mike came upstairs to meet the new addition! Tahlia James!

I felt AMAZING! It literally didn't feel like I just had a baby!

We called family and friends and then agreed that Taevia should go spend the night at grandma and pa's so she could hopefully get more sleep. They headed out and Tim and I went downstairs. He made me some chicken to eat and we watched some tv. All of a sudden, I was exhausted! I napped on the couch for the rest of what we were watching and then went upstairs to bed to sleep and snuggle my new baby girl.